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There are health risks that you should be aware of after any wild animal has been taken from your home.

Bats in the sky.


Call a Local Wildlife Management Expert for Bat Removal Sarasota

Bats and other wild animals should be removed from your home or business property by a licensed and insured wildlife management professional. Bat guano contaminates attic insulation and other building surfaces with mold spores and other toxic microbes. Wild animal droppings and urine are known causes of lung infections and other respiratory ailments.

A bat colony can take possession of an attic overnight. The guano, not to mention the many health concerns, can really pile up quickly. Guano and urine can also cause disagreeable stains and odors on sidewalks and other building surfaces. Call a professional wildlife management expert today for bat removal Sarasota.

Health Risks Bats

• Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection that thrives in bat guano. The infection can cause serious respiratory ailments. The elderly, young children, people with immunity disorders and asthma sufferers are also at risk for developing meningitis. Common symptoms include chills, fever, chest pain, cough, mouth sores, neck stiffness, shortness of breath, rashes, skin lesions and skin nodules. Scarring in the chest area may also cause complications involving blood vessels, heart, esophagus and lymph nodes.

• Rabies is a potentially fatal disease. If you are bitten by a wild animal, you should seek immediate medical attention. Don’t wait for the symptoms of rabies to appear. Bat bites are extremely small and difficult to detect. The rabies virus infects the central nervous system and brain.

• Mites depend on wild animals and other living hosts for their sustenance. Many people make the mistake of assuming that mites are actually bed bugs. Even professional exterminators fail to properly identify the little buggers. Make sure you consult a knowledgeable pest control professional if you experience a bat infestation. Treating a residence or business for bedbugs will not eliminate disease carrying mites.

Bat Removal Sarasota

Call a local wildlife management company to deal effectively with health risks bats. A wildlife control specialist can remove bats and all other wild animal species, decontaminate building surfaces and seal your home or business to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Only a wildlife removal expert can humanely trap and relocate bats and other legally protected animal species.


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Bats can gain entry to homes and businesses by squeezing through hard to detect gaps and holes in rooflines, HVAC systems and foundations. Bats, mice and squirrels breed and contaminate food and building surfaces quickly.

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