Snake Removal In Siesta Key Florida

Snake Trapping in Siesta Key FL

White and black snake with black tongue

Snake invasions can occur at any time and almost any place..

The other day, we received a call and the person on the other end said:

“I’ve got a snake under my refrigerator!”

We get these types of calls periodically.  We are very experienced with this situation and we will track and retrieve the intruder, and if it is not a poisonous species, we’ll take it to a habitat better suited for a snake than your home.

What Happens If It Is Poisonous?

If it is a poisonous variety, it will be euthanized in a quick and humane way. Florida has 45 species of snakes, and six of them are venomous. However, there are only 4 venomous species that occur naturally in the West Central FL area. Click here to review those snakes.  Like many predators, snakes can be beneficial in the elimination of unwanted vermin like rats and mice. That doesn’t mean you necessarily want them in your yard. We will gladly remove snakes from your house, yard, shed, pool, and even your attic (that is correct, snakes can climb), and we will relocate or dispose of the snakes that we catch.

Rainbow Boa Constrictor

We have a whole series to help you identify the venomous snakes in west central Florida.

Take a look at that series here.

Got Snakes?

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