April 15th Marks the Start of Florida’s Bat Maternity Season

It’s time to evict your uninvited bat guests! Bat maternity season begins April 15th and runs through August 15th. Exclusions of bat colonies must be completed before maternity season arrives. What happens is, bats will be giving birth to their young. From that time forward, until the young bats can fly on their own and feed themselves. It is not legal to exlude bats out of buildings during maternity season This is in order to prevent any young bats that can not yet fly from– getting stuck and trapped inside structures and dying.

The state of Florida claims 13 resident species, including the threatened species: Florida bonneted bat. There are some bats that roost in not natural structures such as inside of homes or buildings. It is not legal to harm or kill bats in Florida, there are guidelines that have been developed allowing for bats to be excluded as long as it is not during maternity season.

Bats are very important to our ecosystem. The native bats help keep insects in check. They keep mosquitoes and other bugs at bay for residents who want to enjoy the outdoors. The value of bats to the agricultural industry is estimated in the billions of dollars.


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Do I Have Bats? [Lakewood Ranch, FL]

Oftentimes people get unnerved by a bat that they find stranded in their home.  You see, bats follow the flow of air currents. However, no matter where you find a bat in your home, it is never fun. You should know, that to find a bat in your home is fairly common. It is interesting to note that a colony of bats can get substantial in size, but even so, they sleep all day long. As a result they can stay well hidden from you and well under your radar.  But the mystery doesn’t have to end there.

So, to answer your question, “Do I Have Bats?”


Brown Bat showing teeth.


#1 HELP! I found a bat inside my home!

It is true that bats mostly prefer to have roosting places up high like in an attic. However, on occasion a bat will follow an air current into a vent or wall cavity looking for a place to sleep or an alternate way to escape. Bats can be found in attics, bedrooms, offices or anywhere there is a ventilation duct to use as a through way.


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#2 You have heard fluttering sounds coming from the walls.

Although bats do not make a lot of sound during the day, they will leave their roosting place in the evening to feed. Typically you would hear sounds of fluttering, scratching or small squeeking noises like this at dusk or at dawn. This occurs when they are exiting or returning to roost. One other time is if there is a loud sound in the home, like a door slamming,  as this might disturb them while they are sleeping. Otherwise- you might not even know they are there and a whole colony could be living inside of walls in the home.

Do I have bats? Lakewood Ranch, FL
Brown Bat being examined for scars on its wings. Photo cred: http://www.conservewildlifenj.org/protecting/projects/bat/white-nose/

#3 You have seen bat droppings, poop, or guana on walls or windowsills.

Bats keep the same routines. They will roost in the same locale year after year. As they enter and exit a building, bats will leave guana droppings on the entrance to their roosting place each night. Over time these will accumulate and typically could be seen for example,  on a porch area, wall, windowsill or open vented area. Whatever place that the bats are entering your home.

#4 What does bat poop look like?

Image may contain: outdoor
Photo Credit: Clint Johnson

Guano is similar to mouse feces only larger. It is suggested that you inspect your attic windows for droppings that are evident. As well as being on the look out for any possible entry points ie openings where the creatures could be getting in and out. More than likely it will be up high, but if you have a good number of bats the guano will be fairly obvious.

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Photo Credit: Kevin Dahn
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Photo Credit: Kevin Dahn


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