Snake Myths [Lakewood Ranch]

Would you pass a true or false quiz on snake myths?

The red beaked snake looks directly ahead. It is a venomous rear fanged snake.

True or False.  Snakes have slimy skin.

False. It is a myth. Reptiles such as snakes, are covered with scales that are dry, and they do not secrete mucous. However frogs, toads and some other amphibians do and that is why those animals are slimy, but snakes are not.

True or False. You can tell how old a rattlesnake is, by counting the number of segments in his rattle.

False. It is a myth. The reason being is that a rattlesnake gains one rattle each time it sheds its skin. Young rattlers can shed as often as every few weeks. Older ones only shed twice a year. So to assume that a rattlesnake gains one rattle each year and then never loses a rattle bump is not correct. Last, a snake does not keep hold on to all its segments their entire life. As it happens naturally, during the course of a snake’s life and travels, some of them break off, are damaged and lost.

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True or False. Every snake has fangs.

False. It is a myth. Every snake has teeth however only venomous snakes have fangs.

True or False. If a snake’s head is cut from it’s body it can still bite.

TRUE. Did you know that more than half of rattlesnake bites happen after the head has been cut off? Yes it can even still inject venom! Herpetologists suggest that it takes between 24-36 hours before the head can no longer bite.

So how did you do? Pass or fail? If you took the time to read and learn, you win!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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