Signs that an Opossum is on the Scene [Bradenton Trappers]

What are the signs that identify that an Opossum is on the Scene. There are numerous ways to identify that an Opossum has caused problems in your Bradenton home or vicinity. Although they are not considered an aggressive animal, they will take advantage of opportunities and are adaptive and resourceful. As a result, they will eat whatever they can find and get shelter anywhere they like, even if they move in uninvited to your home! Because of this, we are going to explain some ways to easily recognize the damage caused by this animal.

Opossum in Trash Can

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1. Disheveled trash, planters or animal feeders
2. Compost that has gone missing
3. Chicken coops that have been robbed of their eggs or chicks
4. Insulation and/or ductwork that is seperated/torn
5. Paw tracks which are front feet with five toes all having visible claws – see picture


Pilfered Trash Signs of a Racoon
The footprints on an opossum.
Torn Insulation

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