Welcome to the Wildlife Trapper Podcast

Welcome to the Wildlife Trapper podcast. Where it’s all about how to handle urban wildlife conflicts. What you can do on your own, and when it’s time to call a professional. Protect your home and loved ones with Jeff’s tips and tricks gained from over 20 years of encountering wildlife in every possible scenario. Here is with over 20 years of wildlife trapping experience from alligators to pythons. Your host Jeff Norris.

Hello I’m Jeff Norris, and I’m you’re host. I am The Wildlife Trapper. Today’s going to be our intro podcast to explain what our podcast series is going to be about. It’s going to be homeowner tips and tricks, it’s going to be some insight to professional services that we provide, and hopefully you just get a better understanding of dealing with urban wildlife and conflicts in your home or property. May it be commercial or residential.

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Hopefully these podcasts won’t be to long, be a few minutes so you can breeze through them. Have fun, get some good information from it, and make sense of maybe some problems you’re having, and pick up some ideas on how to treat them.

There’s always that thing that people think they can fix things themselves. That’s true a lot of times, but a lot of times you get into a situation it’s time to call a professional. Either for safety, health, or you don’t have the adequate tools, or learning curve to do it. Hopefully we can kind of bridge both those together and let you know when it’s time to call a professional and when it’s not and you can try to do it on your own.

A lot of things to think of when trapping and stuff on your own, and we’ll cover those in podcasts. Things you might not think of until it happens, and then you’re standing there wondering what to do next. Hopefully we can help you with all that. Again, my names Jeff Norris, I’m been trapping professionally for over 20 years. I’ve trapped most of my life. I really don’t like the term trapper, but it seems the most fitting. I am a wildlife removal specialist or professional. Again, 20 years of experience. I can’t think of to many things I can’t answer usually, but we do learn everyday even in this trade, and we’d like to share this with you.

Hopefully it’ll be an informative podcast for you. Thanks, and thanks for listening. You can check us out on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and links will be in the end. Thanks.

For more information and a FREE inspection Call Nuisance Wildlife Removal at 1-866-263-WILD!


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