Why squirrels are cute but not good for health or property

Squirrels often get a reputation for being cute and clever, especially when it comes to robbing bird feeders. Their antics can be endlessly entertaining, and there are many books written on the subject of foiling them.

However, it’s important to remember that a squirrel and a person are not a healthy mix, especially a squirrel in attic spaces. Squirrels are rodents. They carry parasites and diseases on and in their bodies that can be transmitted to humans and pets through their feces and bites. Their urine can transmit leptospirosis, their fleas carry the plague and their dead carcasses can transmit tularemia if not handled with proper protection.

In their relatively short life span of two to three years, squirrels can also do a tremendous amount of damage to property. One of the reasons for this is their need to constantly chew and gnaw. Squirrels love to munch on wire insulation in attics, and they will chew through floor boards, walls, eaves and roofs to get to it.

Squirrels are natural acrobats, and can tiptoe along power lines, climb brick walls and jump from trees to gain access to your attic. They can almost fly! A squirrel in attic or wall spaces will damage drywall, insulation and wiring, and spread bacteria.

There are a number of things you can do to solve a squirrel in attic problem once you’ve heard noises in attic areas and walls. Cutting back branches near your siding and roof is a good start. Removing tall hedges and shrubbery will also help. Baffles can be placed on power lines, and holes can be stopped up or covered with steel mesh to keep them from gaining entry.

Its also important to know what you should never do when you hear noises in attic spaces. Don’t try squirrel trapping yourself, because it increases your chances of getting bitten or getting sick. Please call a professional wildlife removal service instead.

Our professional services include safe and humane squirrel trapping. When you hear scratching and chattering in your attic and walls, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll come right out for a free consultation. Once you enlist our services, we’ll remove squirrels from your home and keep them from getting back in. They’ll soon move on to another place where the living is easier!