What’s that scratching in the wall…

Hearing Scratching in Wall

I think we might have called you too late… We had been hearing a lot of scratching in the wall and it seems to be quieting down now. Although my cats are still very interested and staring at the spot in the wall.  I explained to the homeowner that we could definitely come out and take a look and see if we could determine what was going on. We have a camera that we can insert into the wall with just a small inspection hole that will allow us to see what exactly is going on. We responded to this nervous homeowner right away.. we could hear faint distressed scratching  as well but could tell it was something small not large, probably a squirrel or rodent.  We first tried to access the wall thru the attic space and were hoping that we could see down the wall and could retrieve whatever the culprit may be.  Well… there was no success to be had from that angle. So, we knew we were going to have to inspect with the wall camera to determine what was going on. The wall was in the master bedroom but fortunately the wall backed up behind it was a linen closet in the bathroom. This gave us a space to work in that would cause less of an eye sore.  We poked an inspect hole and put the camera scope in the wall and right away we could see that it was a pretty good size rat.  At that point we knew that we were going to have to cut a little bit larger hole to retrieve it.   Thus we did and were able to remove the rat and then sealed the opening with a blank cover plate until the homeowner could have it professionally re-drywalled. The homeowner was more than grateful for not only our fast response but our advance technology system that we have implemented to provide our customers with great service yet not have to cause a lot of unwanted damage.

Rat trapped