Raccoons are getting into Attics!

We are getting at least one call a day about raccoons being in the attics of homes.

Last week we removed a mother raccoon and 5 babies from a commercial property out in Lakewood Ranch. This was the second time this particular business had been infested. They didn’t want to  seal the building the first time but, after their second encounter they sealed the building and had it enzymed. Raccoons usually enter thru a roof/soffit line, they pull at the soffit or push it up and then they have free access to roam the entire attic. But not always do they use the soffit as you will see below, this particular raccoon used an exhaust vent to come and go. With the vent not being screened off it allowed the raccoon entry and the way it mangled it caused a roof leak that the homeowner had to have repaired as well.