Squirrels in Attic Make Me Nuts


Squirrels don’t care whether you own or rent. These pesky animals might be cute, but they are rodents and will invade attic spaces, ceilings and walls if you let them. if you’re wondering, “How can I get rid of squirrels in my ceiling,” the answer is easy. Call a professional wildlife removal service! Squirrel removal should always be handled by a professional. If done incorrectly, squirrels can be educated and become trap smart. This usually creates more issues making the squirrel removal process much more expensive.

That scratching noise in your ceiling isn’t your imagination. It’s probably a squirrel that is nesting, storing nuts and very possibly breeding in your home, and it isn’t a problem to handle by yourself. Squirrels may look adorable, but they can bite and scratch when cornered, and they carry parasites and diseases.

In this case, tenants reported squirrels in their attic to the management company. Soon, squirrels in their ceiling followed. They even saw them coming and going along the roof. Their management company quickly called us, and we went out to take a look.

We immediately saw that squirrels were gaining access through the open air conditioning chase and a few of the soffit lines. From there, they were able to infest the attic and ceiling.

For squirrels, attic space is a mansion with free heat and cozy quarters. Squirrels in celing areas will find all the cool air they need when the attic gets too hot. These are perfect nesting places. Once we identified how they were getting in, we proposed closing their points of entry in the soffits and chase, and trapping the squirrels that remained inside.

Squirrels in the ceiling and squirrels in the attic can drive you nuts, that’s for certain. Are you scratching your head and asking that age-old question, “how can I get rid of squirrels in my ceiling?” If you are, just do what this management company did. Give us a call, and we’ll solve the problem quickly and safely.