How Do You Get Rid of a Raccoon? [Longboat Key]

How to get rid of a raccoon. Longboat Key FL
Pic of a raccoon with wildflowers.

Best Methods for Raccoon Control

  • Protect your trash

  • Make them feel unwelcome

  • Employ scare tactics

  • Keep yard clean and free of attractants

First of all and probably the most important thing to do to get rid of a raccoon on Longboat Key is to protect your trash! There’s no reason for the raccoon to leave if you keep a food source available for them. To get started,  pick up some metal garbage cans, bungee strap cords, and a cement block. Once you have the garbage can strapped down with the cord, place your cement block on top. Next, be sure to keep your yard cleaned up from stuff that a raccoon would want. For example, try not to leave any pet food out overnight.. also not any fruit from fruit trees. Bird feeders will also have to be brought in for several weeks. Once they notice that the food source is no longer there, they will stop coming around. Make them feel unwelcome. Actually the only way to probably do that is to put up a barbed wire or electric fence around any vegetable garden areas. Almost any fence can become electric by adding one strand of wire about 8 inches back from the fence. Employ some scare tactics.. There are devices designed to scare off unwelcomed invaders that work well. The problem comes in because raccoons are so smart and they realize that most of what you put out there can’t really do them any harm. An example would be a motion detector device such as floodlights or  radios (set to talk radio) as raccoons would avoid human voices and even sprinklers.

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