How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Coyotes Part II

How to Keep your Pets Safe From Coyotes

• Never feed coyotes. It is illegal and can cause them to associate people with food and lose their fear of humans.

• Secure garbage cans, and clean up pet food, fallen fruit and spilled bird seed.

• Walk dogs on short leashes, especially at night.

• Don’t allow small pets to roam freely.

• During dusk and dawn, be careful taking small pets into wooded areas.

And although they don’t typically attack humans, your pets may be at risk. They may view a large dog as a rival, and since a cat is such a small animal, they could be viewed as prey. This would hold true also for small dogs. It is suggested that you should NOT leave your pet out doors unsupervised. The most important times to recognize this are at dusk, dawn or overnight. You should definitely keep cats indoors and dogs on a leash. Your trash should most certainly be kept under a tight lid– and not left exposed in any way to a roaming coyote. If you have any fallen fruit from your fruit trees– that should be picked up! Be aware of any areas you have that they could use as a den. For example close up open areas under your deck. To proactively keep them out– installing a fence is one tactic you could take. Fences should be 6 feet tall, to prevent them from just jumping right over.. and 18 inches deep to keep them from digging underneath.

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 If you encounter a coyote, here is an example of hazing.



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  • Don’t turn your back, and don’t run. They might chase you and they can run up to 40 mph.

  • If the coyote moves closer use the method known as “hazing.”

    • Blow a very loud whistle.

      Blow a whistle if confronted by a Coyote. [Manatee Sarasota County]

    • Clap hands loudly and stomp feet.

      ΩClap hands loudly if confronted by a coyote. [Lakewood Ranch Sarasota Bradenton]

    • Throw sticks or rocks at their feet.

    • If you don’t have anything available, act large ie. open your jacket, raise your arms and yell.

  • Don’t engage a coyote that is cornered, injured or with pups – instead slowly walk away backwards.

Follow all of these tips to keep you and your pet safe.

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