Yikes! What Made All This Blood Splatter On My Wall?

Blood Splatter from Animals

It happens… It’s late Monday night and we receive a call
from a homeowner that is absolutely beside herself. She starts off by saying
there is something that is bleeding all over her walls… Just the walls in
several rooms. I ask her if there is any tracks or blood from room to
room…she responds with no just on the walls.  She then proceeds to tell
me that they had just purchased the home and that the carpet had just been
taken out but the tack strips were still there… along with that the entire
interior was painted she pauses and says well maybe the painter cut himself and
bled everywhere…I said ok that might be possible but i would think it would
be everywhere not just in a few spaces here / there and def not in the closet?
So I set up an appointment to come out and inspect and see if we can
determine what is going on.  We are in route to the customers home and she
calls stating that she sees the culprit and it appears to be a flying squirrel.
I asked her to keep her eye on it and we were about 20 min away. We get there
and she shows us all the blood in the closet and on the walls… she then shows
us the culprit… A HUGE frog that had scraped it’s nose trying to get out…
This was def one for the record books for sure… We rescued the frog and set
him free in the pond out back.



Frog that left blood splatter on wall