Bee Removal Experts

The Bee Removal Experts

Not all pest or animal removal firms know how to deal with bees and other stinging insects. It’s true, most pest control company technicians don’t have the knowledge  or training tobeehive-swarm properly locate, treat and remove a bee infestation.

The Nuisance Wildlife Removal team members are recognized experts in stinging insect control in Florida.  Need service now? You can trust the Nuisance Wildlife Removal team to give the fastest service.

Bee Facts

There are about 20,000 species of bees worldwide. Many species probably have not even been discovered yet, and many are either not named or have not been well studied. Bees are found throughout the world except at the highest altitudes, in polar regions, and on some small oceanic islands.

The greatest diversity of bee species is found in warm, arid or semi-arid areas, especially in the American Southwest and Mexico. Bees range in size from tiny species, only 2 mm (0.08 in) in length, to rather large insects up to 4 cm (1.6 in) long.

Many bees are black or gray, but others are bright yellow, red, or metallic green or blue.

Bee Removal

If so many of the area pest control companies do not have the training to successfully remove a hive of bees from your property why would you call just anyone! To get this type of delicate job done correctly you will want an expert team of highly trained technicians. Nuisance Wildlife Trapper is the company with the background, experience and patience for the job. If you are having a bee infestation problem call right away.


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