Swarming Bees What to Do?

Swarming Bees What to Do?

If you have encountered bees you may need a professional to move the bees away.

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First of all, I would like to discuss something that is not often talked about with bees and that is, their communications through pheromones. Bee pheromones are produced by all of the bees including the queen, drones and workers. It is passed along via food sharing, which is where the colony feed each other, thereby transmitting the pheromone. The queen actually produces her own pheromone. This will attract the workers and instructs them to build the honeycomb. Eventually, there will be thousands and thousands of workers who all need access to the queen and her pheromones… at some point there will be too many workers and some will never get in touch with their queen…

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Bee Ball

Suddenly it will be the time for swarming bees! Why does this happen?

When the amounts of workers become so many, a new queen will emerge, however there is only space for one queen per colony. When new queen emerges, she will take off with part of the colony to establish a new nest. What has to happen first though, is that the bees must get full of their own nectar before leaving. So when we see a whirling mass of swarming bees in the air, this is why. When a swarm is happening– probably the queen will have to rest a while. It would be best for humans to just keep their distance from the swarms so that the bees do not feel threatened as if they do it is possible that they will sting.

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