Sun City, FL Snake Removal

Sun City, FL Snake Removal

When you find a snake in your Sun City, FL home or yard, you should immediately call a snake removal professional. Unless you’re particularly good at snake identification, it’s best to assume that the snake is venomous. A  professional wild animal removal, control, trapping and prevention specialist has the knowledge and equipment to remove the snake so that you and your family remain safe. At least four of Florida’s six venomous snake species are known to reside in the Sun City FL area.

Sun City FL Snake Removal

Most people in Sun City FL don’t care for snakes, but no less than 44 species of venomous and non-venomous snake species are native to the Sunshine State. At least 41 of those species reside in the Manatee and Sarasota County areas.

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Snakes in the Home


Snakes are great climbers. They can use a palm tree or tree limb to get into your attic. Snakes also slither through small holes and gaps to get inside. They are searching for food sources, including rats, mice, squirrels, and birds. Snakes simply follow the scent emitted by the body oils of food sources. Speak with an animal control specialist today to have your Florida home professionally sealed to prevent wild animals from entering the building.

Snakes know which animals have entered your Sun City home before you do. Once inside, they can access any part of your home or business to track down rats and other food sources. A snake can go anywhere a mouse can go. Call a wild animal removal professional to get that Snake out of your yard or pool. Several native Sun City FL snakes are venomous. However, snakes do help control Sun City, Florida rodent populations, but you don’t want the snakes, not to mention the rodents, in your yard or home.

You can limit rodent and snake populations by sealing your home and limiting the habitat that attracts them. Wild animals are naturally attracted to overgrown vegetation, trees and shrubs. Rodents and snakes also like piles of debris and places that a rodent is likely to store food or build a nest. If you have a rodent problem, you can expect snakes to show an interest in your home or business. Construction projects provide stacks of building materials and piles of debris where rats and mice can congregate. A construction project provides prime hunting territory for hungry snakes.

Snake Control

Snake activity is fairly constant throughout the year due to the tropical climate. A Sun City FL snake removal and control professional is familiar with the various snake species and can recommend effective strategies to control snake populations in and around your home or business.

Depending on temperature fluctuations, snakes are both diurnal and nocturnal. It isn’t at all unusual for several snakes to be living in the attic of a home, business or industrial facility. It isn’t a comforting thought, but snakes will mate and multiply in your home or business unless you have the rodents and snakes removed so that the building can be sealed by an experienced wildlife control company.

Snake Trapping

There are very few effective snake traps available to consumers. The same thing can be said about snake repellants. It’s usually more cost effective to have the reptile removed by a trained wildlife trapping company. A Sun City wild animal trapping and control specialist also knows how to bait a snake trap.

It is illegal to kill, possess or release many species of snakes in. A professional wildlife company has the permits to capture and relocate them.  Call Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. today to humanely solve all your nuisance wild animal needs!  1-866-263-WILD!