Should I Install A Bat House? [Bat Removal Bradenton]

Should I Install A Bat House? [Bat Removal Bradenton]

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Bat house on side of barn

One thing that not many people know, is that bats are incredible insect eaters. A single bat can eat in one hour, up to 1,000 mosquitos! That would make your outdoor activities much more pleasant because you would have a lot fewer of the pesky insects around. One thing that is good about having a bat house, is that bats like it really warm. So even though the house could be small and dark, the bats will still be attracted to it.  Pictured here is an example of a very beautiful bat house..

It is also interesting to note that many insects can hear bats from a distance and will naturally not go near the area where the bats live. Additionally, if you have a bat house, you will be protecting the offspring of the bats and so you would be helping to grow the population. Unfortunately right now in 2017 bats are declining due to a disease called WNS white nose syndrome. The habitat of bats has been reduced as well, by the cutting down of trees and so they are really searching for shelter now. Bat guano is a very good fertilizer too. It can be quite costly and much sought after because it has a high concentration of nutrients. So if you would like to reduce the number of insects around your home, increase the population of bats, and naturally fertilize your garden then YES definitely you should install a bat house!

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