Wildlife Removal For Orlando

Nuisance Wildlife Removal is your trusted animal removal expert in Orlando.

If you are having problems with uninvited wildlife such as:Orlando from the sky

  • raccoons, rats, opossums or bats in your attic or crawl space
  • armadillos digging up your lawn, wild hogs invading your back yard

For more information and a FREE inspection Call Nuisance Wildlife Removal at 1-866-263-WILD!

You do not have to share your private space with any of the wonderful Florida wildlife such as raccoons, opossums and bats. These otherwise beautiful critters can take over your attic or crawl space before you are aware of it.

We Trap and Humanely Remove:

  • snakes
  • bats
  • rats
  • opossums
  • raccoons
  • moles
  • armadillos
  • squirrels
  • bees, wasps, and hornets (including the Africanized bee)
  • nuisance birds.

You can call us from Apopka, Maitland, Oakland, Ocoee, Winter Park, or anywhere else in the area.

Additional Services You May Need

When the wildlife in your attic contaminates the insulation in your Orlando home with urine, feces and other foul smelling materials. Nuisance Wildlife Removal will also restore your attic to like new or better condition.

No outdoor dwelling animal wild or otherwise is clean enough to reside with humans. Raccoons especially, carry numerous diseases that can be transmitted to humans, due to attic contamination.

Whats in your attic now, can become air born and contaminate your entire home.


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