picture of a dishonest salesmanBeware The Con Man And The Bait And Switch Lie

They Will Promise The Moon For Your Money

We get calls all the time from people who have been duped into long term contracts with supposed professional trapping firms. One elderly lady called to ask if they gave FREE inspections (thinking she had called Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. because we do offer a free inspection), and ended up paying $500 for shock tape around her pool cage.

The reason she called them in the first place was to have them check for RATS, because a neighbor had a rat problem. So, as a “preventative”, bird deterrent shock tape was installed to keep rats away.

Now she says they are telling her that she has to pay monthly for the service, and so they can check for rats again and again. She has never even seen a rat, or any signs of one.

Do NOT Hire An Animal Control Company Without Verification

Please call Nuisance Wildlife Removal for a FREE home inspection before signing anything with one of those Multi-State big names. That is how they got so big in the first place.


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