Raccoons Will Survive

Raccoons Were Here First

Raccoons live all around us. No matter where you live in Central Florida. Be it Sarasota ,Tampa Bay, Fruitville, Long Boat Key or right down town Bradenton, or on the East Coast past Orlando, there is no way to realistically escape encountering raccoons. Short of sitting outside all night with a shotgun. But who wants to do that anyway?

However, there are several relatively easy and cost effective ways to deter raccoons from hanging around and prevent an infestation. Raccoons only after two very basic things that we humans want and that is: food and shelter. If you deny them these things they will look elsewhere.

What Are The Easy Tips To Deter Raccoons?

The most effective deterrent to dissuading a hungry raccoon is securing your garbage can lids. Using a bungee cord strap is preferable to putting weight on top of the can lid. A raccoon living next to civilization has learned all the tricks of  humans over the years. The resourceful little critters will push the cans over if not tied off or push the weight off the top.

A little More Direct Approach

You may consider using a raccoon repellent around the cans in an additional measure to tying off the lids. 

If you have an open crawl space beneath your home perhaps you would want to enclose that space. Especially if you have had trouble with unwanted critters before. There could be several decorative approaches to using chicken wire to block off access to the underside of your house and porch, and any other areas you wish to keep raccoons out of. This is just a couple of simple but effective raccoon deterrents. Raccoons, like us want to live in safe fry areas. There are plenty of those places out in the woods. That is where the raccoons belong, not in our space in our neighborhood. We home owners have to take the initiative to make it impossible for raccoons to move in with us. Would you not agree?

An Ounce Of Prevention – As They Say

Prevention is definitely the way to go here, as removing raccoons from these tough to reach locations can be a very difficult and expensive task. It’s not that we want to be out of a job but our aim is to educate as well as serve as Central Florida’s premiere Nuisance Wildlife Trapper Company.

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