Raccoons Will Make An Apartment Out Of Your Attic

Raccoons Do Not Belong In Your Attic

Living in beautiful Tampa Florida? What about inland at Orlando? No matter where you live in Florida your attic is likely an ideal nesting ground for raccoons. It is dry, and safe – with plenty of fluffy insulation available to build a nest.

Raccoons can enter an into attic through existing holes in the roof soffit overhang or gable end vent.  So make sure to check for a breach in your homes exterior coverings and take corrective action sooner rather than latter. Because with the human population of Florida increasing by the thousands every year raccoons are finding it more difficult to remain in the woodland areas. 

Raccoons Will Claw Their Way Into An Attic

Sometimes, raccoons are known to tear through perfectly good shingles and claw away the sub-decking in order to gain entry into an attic area. So an occasional inspection of your home around the the roof area would be a good idea. especially if you have a house with dormers or a attic ridge vent. Dormers afford a small opening where two roofs form a valley and a ridge vent lets the raccoon feel the hot air coming out of the attic area. The place a raccoon wants to be.

Raccoons Must Be Removed From Your Attic – Who Will Do This?

If you discover a raccoon in your attic, you must use caution in trying to remove it. Even if you succeed, you run the risk of undiscovered baby raccoons dying and decomposing in an unknown location. Professional assistance really is the best way to go in this scenario, so call Nuisance Wildlife Removal of Florida right away.

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