Anna Maria, FL Mark Your Calendars Bat Season Opens August 15th

Anna Maria, FL-Bat-Exclusion


If you are in Anna Maria, FL no, that doesn’t mean “bat hunters” will be out with shotguns at twilight, hunting the little-winged rodents. Bat season is actually “bat maternity season” in Florida. Bats are protected species in Florida between April 15th and August 15th. Bats are mammals and give live birth and nurse their young. Because of that, we (wildlife trappers) cannot legally molest or disturb bat colonies, even if they are in your attic during this closed season due to the fact that the babies are flightless and would have no way to survive on their own.

However, with bat season quickly approaching if you have or know someone that has been dealing with bats in Anna Maria, FL now is the time to call us to schedule an inspection. Upon inspection, we will determine where the bats have gained access, if they have made their way into your attic and if there are any other potential openings around the exterior perimeter of your home. Bats are handled in a different manner than other wildlife they can not be trapped they can only be excluded from a structure. Exclusion means that a one-way entry point is installed that allows the bats to exit but not re-enter, it stays in place for 5-7days and is then removed and the entry point is sealed against re-entry. If there are other potential entry points those would be sealed before the exclusion process takes place as we would not just want to “move” the bats from one location to another. Once the bats have been excluded the clean-up process would take place, this would be needed if the bats made their way into the attic and left behind guano (bat feces). Guano can be a health concern to you and your family if not removed, it is a host to various insects and can cause upper respiratory issues i.e. histoplasmosis which is one reason it needs to be done professionally, it can not just be “swept” up.  Bats are very beneficial to our environment but not beneficial to our health. So, if you even suspect that bats are living in your attic, roof area, eaves, barn or garage, in Anna Maria, FL give us a call.  Our expert technicians will quickly determine if you have a bat problem, and give you an estimate for safe removal.

For additional info- you might enjoy our BAT FAQs.

For more information and a FREE INSPECTION/ESTIMATE in Anna Maria, FL Bradenton, Anna Maria or surrounding areas, please Call 1-866-263-WILD or (941)729-2103. We are your expert for humane and technologically advanced bat exclusion and property restoration.

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