Acorn Production in Overdrive! [Sarasota Wildlife Removal]

Acorns Everywhere, but what Causes It? 

Beautiful acorns in natural environment.

The scientists see and make note of this event every few years.  Acorns, are dropping everywhere, but what causes it? “There is really not a valid understanding of the exact causes of these mass acorn drop events,” says a professor of wildlife biology from the University of Florida.

Oak production of acorns varies from year to year. However, there are certain years where the production goes into overdrive. That is when we see acorns in our driveways, on our sidewalks, popping under our tires and landing on our tin roofs with a pop-crack. This deluge of eating materials can draw unwanted pest animals to your property. If so, we can help you with removal of  unwanted nuisance wildlife in Sarasota or surrounding areas. The acorn floods take place about every 4-7 years, even oaks located thousands of miles apart, produce and drop acorns en masse, or in unison. This is baffling because obviously, the weather conditions for trees so far apart, would not be precisely the same, as to cause the same species of tree to exhibit the same activity. There is a school of thought that states that oak tree masting is triggered by specific perfect winds, or droughts or even the impact of a hurricane. Scientists also think that mass acorn drops may be simply ingrained in the tree’s DNA which would help to ensure the survival of the species by pouring a huge amount of acorns all over the ground. Other more believable theories state, that in order to prevent the overpopulation of seed foragers, the cycles and intensity of acorn drops wax and wane so that certain species of animals do not become overpopulated. Then there is a massive drop in seed foragers, which allows for more propagation of the seeds and the tree species live on and continue.

Acorn Production Folklore

Since acorn production varies so much annually, it became a subject of winter weather folklore. The most common thought is an unusual abundance of acorns means the winter will be harsh, with cold conditions and above normal snowfall.  As is often the case, this folklore may have once been helpful in predicting seasonal changes a few times, then the idea stuck. However, there’s little scientific proof to that acorn theory.

Large basket of acorns sitting in a yard.

What does this event mean to you?

Whatever the reason, this year in Florida many are overwhelmed by a deluge of acorns!

At Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc., being wildlife professionals, we always consider what the implications are for homeowners and property managers in Florida. For your own safety and the safety of your property, please make sure your acorns are picked up on a regular basis. This is not only beneficial to humans but also to the environment. Sally a horticulture agent at Brevard County Extension office, suggest that “some homeowners may want to remove some of the acorns or mow them over to keep them from germinating.” She added, that the acorns would make “good organic matter.” They can be quite a challenge and will most definitely attract unwanted wildlife. In case you were wondering,  raccoons, squirrels and wild hogs see this abundance as a food buffet! The mass acorn drops in Sarasota and surrounding areas, give wildlife a continual – easy food supply. With this food source, the conditions are ripe for the animals to thrive and breed. These effects may not be seen for a few months, and they could be detrimental to properties, yards and homes. After the acorn source is exhausted, all the animals will still need to have food and be searching for it any and everywhere. They will be eating your shrubs, flowers, lawn and raccoons will seek your garbage and trash. Of course, you do not want them to try to enter your home or other property in search of food and water, or even worse, to nest and breed.

To ensure that your home is safe and prevent very costly damage to your home, call us today for a free property inspection! Our company is fully licensed and insured. We also know restoration if anything should arise that requires it.

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Squirrel with cheeks full or acorns.
A squirrel with very fat cheeks full of food.






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