Raccoon Removal at Parrish in Florida

Raccoons are Adorable but Impervious to House Rules

For some reason, the general public seems to have a harder time seeking raccoon removal from their homes than they do other “varmints” such as opossums, rats, or mice. This passiveness could be due to raccoons having such cute little face masks and human-like hands. It stops there, however. They may be adorable, but these creatures are incorrigible when they invade your home or property in Parrish, upending your garbage cans and dragging the mess all over the yard. Even worse, they are quite capable of annihilating small livestock, poultry, or other small creatures that the homeowner treasures. The natural raccoon trapping that was traditionally done in the previous century has become almost moot, resulting in a burgeoning raccoon population.

Raccoon looking

The Nature of the Raccoon

A close look at a raccoon’s feet shows a distinct difference in these creatures with other mammals. Raccoons have thumbs. This enables them to scale walls (while carrying prey with them), open cages, open containers and literally invade and attack other creatures more viciously than almost any other small mammal. They are voracious meat-eaters. Raccoons are inclined to become quite aggressive when threatened, which means they will bite and scratch; they can be rabies carriers. Therefore, it is highly recommended that raccoon trapping and raccoon removal be handled by a professional.

Keeping Parrish for Humans

Parrish is a gorgeous community that is likely to attract not only humans but also unwelcomed furry creatures. Professional trappers have often answered the homeowner question, “What is making frightening noises in my attic much louder than any small rodent can produce?’ They are often surprised to learn that it is a 10-lb. masked invader who sounds like a much larger intruder, and soon realize that they need professional help with raccoon trapping and raccoon removal. The “ooohs” and “ahhhhhs” once meted at the sight of those cute little faces immediately morphs into “Get raccoons out of my house here at Parrish!”

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