Apollo Beach, FL Armadillo Hole Digging

Armadillo Removal in Apollo Beach, Florida

The tropical climate of Apollo Beach, Florida attracts tourists from around the world, but it’s also a haven for nuisance wildlife species, many of which are dangerous. If you lived in the northern region of the country, you would need a qualified furnace repairmen to help you make it through the frigid winter months, but Florida residents have learned to depend on the expertise of a wildlife removal professional to ensure the health and safety of friends and family.

Whether you’re dealing with a rat infestation, poisonous toads, a raccoon problem or a pesky armadillo, a wild animal control specialist has the knowledge and equipment to halt the spread of disease and keep your yard looking like paradise. Speaking of yards looking like paradise, the worst enemy of a manicured lawn is an overachieving armadillo. Call a professional wildlife removal company today to send that armadillo packing.

Holes Dug in My Yard

It isn’t all that easy to get rid of an armadillo. Trapping is about the only thing that works, and even that requires the assistance of an experienced wildlife removal and control technician. Repellant products are a waste of time and money, and it just might be illegal for you to capture and relocate an armadillo.

There’s no particular bait that will lure a wary armadillo into a waiting trap. You have to search for clues to discover the armadillo’s habits and then steer the animal into the trap. Only an experienced wildlife removal and control specialist is prepared to eliminate that burrowing armadillo once and for all.

Digging in My Flower Beds

Nine Banded Armadillo
Armadillo digging in yard.

Armadillos Dig and burrow. That’s what they do best. They’re after the small invertebrates that live in your yard. They use their snout to dig worms, mole crickets, termites, earth grubs, beetle larvae, yellowjackets, cockroaches, army worms, grasshoppers, wasps, ant larvae, flies and more out of the soil. Just one armadillo can eat as much as 200 pounds of insects in a single year. That’s bad news for your lawn, flower bed and landscaping.

Home and business owners have learned the hard way that an armadillo has a penchant for digging tunnels, burrowing in mulch beds and digging holes. Armadillos have also been known to burrow under buildings, sidewalks, decks and HVAC equipment.
The female armadillo gives birth to four baby dillos each spring. It takes about a year for the young dillos to mature. An adult armadillo weighs about 12 pounds.

Armadillo Trapping

The best way to remove an armadillo is to speak with a wildlife removal and control company. Licensed and insured wild animal removal companies in Apollo Beach, Florida offer affordable prices, humane trapping and relocation methods, free on-site inspections, emergency services and written warranties.

For more information or a FREE ESTIMATE on any nuisance wildlife issue please call 1-866-263-WILD or (941)729-2103 and speak with a trusted professional. We would like to be your local expert and learn about your current situation. Call us now! We specialize in humane wildlife trapping and we take pride in using the most advanced technology which is the least invasive to you and your property.