Lithia, FL Bat Removal and Relocation

Lithia FL Bat Removal and Relocation

 If you live in the Lithia FL area and you’ve noticed strange scratching or squeaking sounds during the night, it’s possible that you have bats in your home or business attic. A professional bat removal and relocation expert that specializes in bat removal, humane bat relocation, and bat exclusion is the answer to your problem.
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Bats are a crucial part of our ecosystem, but you shouldn’t allow a colony of bats to reside in your home or business attic. Bat guano poses a serious health threat to you and your family. Whether you’re dealing with a Lithia FL bat flying over your bed at night or you think that you have bats in your attic, a professional wildlife management removal and relocation company can permanently resolve your bat infestation problem.

Bat removal experts offer free onsite inspections and estimates. Only an experienced Lithia, Florida wild animal specialist has the expertise and equipment to remove and relocate all bat species.

For more information or a FREE INSPECTION/ESTIMATE  Call 1-866-263-WILD or (941)729-2103 tap to call on mobile. We are your local experts for humane and technologically advanced bat removal and relocation services. 

Safe and Humane Bat Removal

It’s important to note that a significant number of wild animal species, including various bat species, are protected by State of Florida and federal environmental law. Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. has obtained a permit from the Florida Department of Game and Fisheries to provide professional wild animal management services. We only employ safe and humane methods to resolve bat infestations.

Call us today, to speak with an expert to resolve your bat problem and have your home or business professionally sealed. You can reach us at 1-866-263-WILD. An experienced bat control and exclusion professional will inspect your property to learn how wild animals are entering your home or business attic. We also provide bat guano removal, insulation replacement, and wild animal damage repair services.

Bat Infestations in Lithia FL

If a bat has been flying through the rooms of your home or business, one of our bat removal experts will locate and remove your uninvited guest. Residential, business and industrial facilities often experience problems with bats.

Sometimes it can be very challenging to locate the bats. A wildlife management expert knows exactly where to look and of course, how to get rid of them. Bats are creatures of habit. Once they gain access to your attic through a small hole or crack, they’ll keep returning to your attic to roost after a long night of mosquito hunting. You may notice bat guano accumulating on sidewalks, driveways, window sills and most commonly, in your attic. A colony of bats can produce a surprising amount of bat guano. Guano buildup in your attic is dangerous because it promotes the growth of mold spores and microbes. This can lead to serious respiratory conditions.

Once again, call a licensed and insured bat removal and relocation expert if you hear unusual scratching sounds coming from a ceiling, wall or chimney. Bats can even prevent you from getting a good night of sleep since bats are most active during the night. You don’t have to worry because Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. can formulate a plan for you and solve the problem.

Did you know that a bat can eat its weight in insects in a single night of hunting?  So there are definitely advantages to bats in the wild. Unfortunately, it also means that the bat guano can really pile up fast. Bat guano and urine frequently lead to foul smelling stains on building siding, walkways and window sills. Additionally, bats carry rabies, so never attempt to remove a bat on your own. Call a professional bat removal and bat relocation specialist to permanently eliminate bats from your home or business. There are more ways than you think for a bat to get into your building. At Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Inc. We are your local bat removal specialist. Family owned and operated- we are proud to be serving this community for 20 years.
• Damaged window screens
• Open doors and windows
• Unprotected attic vents
• Ridge vents along the peak of the roof
• Unprotected attic vents
• Gaps, holes and cracks along roof edges, trim boards, eaves and soffits.
• Missing mortar or bricks, uncapped chimney flues and damaged crowns
• Damaged siding
• Gaps along the edges of shutters
• Exposed edges of dormer soffits, roof edges and eaves

Our full-service Lithia FL nuisance wild animal removal company specializes in bat removal, bat relocation, dead bat removal, guano removal, decontamination, insulation replacement and damage repair services. We can also permanently seal your residential, commercial or industrial facility to ensure that bats never again roost in your building. Our expert wildlife management companies can remove all species of wild animals in the Lithia FL area.

For more information or a FREE ESTIMATE on bat removal, give us a call at 1-866-263-WILD or (941) 729-2103 and speak with a trusted professional. We would like to be your local expert and learn about your current situation. Call us now! We specialize in humane wildlife trapping and we take pride in using the most advanced technology which is the least invasive to you, your wallet and your property.