Bradenton, Florida Bufo Frog Removal Services

 Bufo Cane Frog Toad Invasive Removal

A Bufo Frog in natural setting

Bradenton, Florida Bufo Frog Removal Services

When you live in BradentonFlorida, you have to deal with invasive species such as the infamous Bufo Frog, also known as a Cane Toad. The sunshine state provides ideal climatic conditions for the Cane Toad and a growing number of invasive tropical reptiles and amphibians. Many home and business owners have learned the hard way that the only way to control invasive species is to hire an experienced Bufo Frog removal professional.

Invasive Frogs and Toads

To set the record straight, the Cane Toad is one of many members of the genus Bufo. The terms Bufo Frog and Cane Toad are used interchangeably. The Cane toad is a predatory marine toad that competes with native wildlife for food and habitat. The Cane Toad is actually native to the Amazon Basin. Moreover, the Cane Toad poses a substantial threat to children, pets and property.

Unfortunately, the Bufo Frog can release a toxic and potentially fatal milky substance from glands located near the amphibian’s eyes. Immediate medical attention is recommended for pets or children that come into contact with the milky substance that contains bufotoxin. Children should avoid handling frogs or toads.

Bufo Cane Frog Toad Invasive Species
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Bufo Invasive Species Control

The Cane Toad is large, four to six inches in length, and weighs around two pounds. They are grey to brown in color, possibly with white flecks. The stomach area is light yellow and often speckled with black. The skin is dry and bumpy, and there are ridges that run between the toad’s snout and eyes. They enjoy a lifespan of up to 15 years.

Invasive frogs like to hide under piles of rock or wood. They are also attracted to standing water, and they like to dig beneath concrete slabs, under trash cans or in gardens. They are water breeders, including ditches, standing rainwater, canals and streams. They are likely to breed throughout the year. A female frog can lay as many as 25,000 eggs at a time. Cane Toads are most difficult to deal with during the rainy season, especially between the months of May and October. Cane Toads are also attracted to lights during the night where they can catch lots of bugs.

Invasive Cane toads can be a significant problem. Speaking with a professional frog removal specialist is the best way to control frogs and other invasive species. Not only are invasive species a nuisance, they often create avoidable health and safety issues.

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