Bat Removal and Exclusion in Ruskin

Bat Removal and Exclusion in Ruskin

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Have you been hearing strange scratching or squeaking sounds in your Ruskin home or business lately? It could be bats or some other wild animal using your building as a guesthouse. It’s kind of creepy, but there’s no need to lose any more sleep. A professional Ruskin wildlife removal company can inspect your home or business and recommend a course of action that will permanently solve your nuisance wildlife problem.

Get Bats out of My Attic in Ruskin

A licensed and insured bat removal professional has the training and equipment to humanely remove and relocate bats and other pests. A bat proofing professional can also remove and restore contaminated building materials and seal the areas where bats have been entering your residential or commercial building.

A cluster of bats some hanging upside down by their feet.

There’s little doubt that bats are good for the environment, but they make poor tenants. Did you know that they can eat their weight in insects in a single night? The problem is that all those bugs add up to a prodigious amount of mold producing bat guano. Mold spores cause lung infections and a number of other respiratory conditions. Bat guano and urine resulting from a bat infestation are also likely to produce odors and stain sidewalks, windows and buildings. Finally, bats have been known to carry rabies. Only a bat relocation professional is prepared to humanely solve your bat infestation problem.

Ruskin Bat in My House

When a bat colony takes possession of a desirable roosting site, you can be fairly confident that they won’t leave voluntarily. It’s hard enough to locate a bat colony, but it’s even more difficult to figure out how they got into the building. A bat can squeeze through a pretty small hole.

• Tattered window screens

• Open doors and windows

• Attic vents

• Ridge vents

• Holes, gaps and cracks on roof edges, soffits or trim boards

• Missing bricks, mortar and uncapped chimney flues

• Gaps near edges of shutters

• Damaged areas on siding

How Do I Get Bats Out of My House Ruskin

A professional bat relocation specialist knows how to locate and permanently exclude bats from a building, chimney, garage or shed. Bat repellants are ineffective, and they won’t remove the health hazards or guarantee that another colony of bats won’t take up residence in your home or business. Bat exclusion is the only way to permanently solve a bat infestation problem. Call a Ruskin wildlife removal company today to receive a free onsite inspection and bat proofing estimate.

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