Wildlife Trapping

Trapping Wild Animals Is An Art

Nuisance Wildlife Relocation, Inc. has many different traps and trapping techniques. Most all of our traps are live traps. Live trapping is benefit to all, allowing us to offer humane removal & relocation of wildlife. Your pest is removed and your problem is solved.

Raccoons, Armadillos And Opossums

When Raccoon control is necessary (as it was recently in Sarasota, FL), the raccoon traps we use are safe and humane. Animal removal is assured and we have never had a single raccoon injured while inraccoons on a beach a  trap . We use the same size trap for opossum / armadillo trapping as we use in our raccoon control and raccoon trapping. Opossum / armadillo removal is fast and humane. Many people ask us about opossum / armadillo trapping and opossum removal. It is the exact same as raccoon trapping!

Our trappers are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of animal damage identification and animal control in Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa Bay, St Pete, Clearwater, Largo, Venice, Port Charlotte Florida. A lot of our animal trapping business is in the urban areas throughout our service areas.

Rats And Mice

We get quite a few calls for rat removal and bee control in the surrounding areas also.  Rodent  / rat trapping takes skill and patience and a good eye to properly inspect & locate their entry points. Rodent removal calls start pouring in when there is a change in weather. Upon inspection of the attic our experienced technicians usually find droppings, urine stains and damage to wires & insulation. . It seems that our Wildlife Removal experts are busy trapping rodents on a year round basis.


Many times we get a pest removal call that involves squirrel control  and squirrel removal from someone’s yard or attic. Although many homeowners try, squirrel trapping is a difficult job. A Wildlifesquirrel facing you Control technician that is trained in pest control can be your best friend when it comes to a squirrel trap in an attic! Animal damage problems are often simple  animal control  projects that have been neglected by homeowners.

Some Birds Are A Nuisance

The central West Coast of Florida sure has its’ share of Bird problems. We get bird control calls throughout the year and bird removal from some very strange places!  Nuisance Wildlife Relocation offers various forms of bird control  & deterrents.  All of which are practiced in a safe humane fashion.

No Order Too Tall For Us

Whether the animal control project we take on is a raccoon removal, an opossum removal, or a rodent control task, we do the job the way we would want it done at our own home!  From trapping to prevention & education on wildlife.  Nuisance Wildlife Relocation offers a service for any and all of your wildlife needs.

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