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Nuisance Wildlife Removal Knows How To Capture Moles

Moles, as you may know, can destroy a lawn in no time. You are here reading aboutmole with head sticking out our service of getting rid of moles from your yard because you have noticed the grass and dirt pushed up and what appears to be trails are forming all over the place.  You are convinced that if left unchecked by an expert the problem will only get worse.

Mole Problems Can Be Dealt With In A Few Steps

There are several steps to ridding your your property of moles.

  1. Identify the main “highways” of the moles
  2. Check on the traps several times per week
  3. Relocate the traps as the moles migrate to untouched areas.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal offers a trapping program that generally takes 30 days to  complete.

Outside Help Is Necessary

Once Nuisance Wildlife Removal services have captured the moles, have the lawn treated for insects. This is to deplete the food supply so the problem does not reoccur. We can help with a recommendation if needed.

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