Settling the Myths from the Truths about OPOSSUMS! [Removal Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota]

Opossums get a really bad wrap. If it isn’t bad enough that their tails look like they belong on an oversized rat… they sometimes drool and play dead. Opossums are nearly harmless fellows… and their only defense is to look horrid in an attempt to scare you away! So, opossums are getting a bad bio for a lot of reasons. However, they DO actually have redeeming qualities and I would like to share a few of them with you. If you have an opossum that has gotten into your house, please don’t try to catch it on your own. You need a professional to come and capture the animal and remove it from your Sarasota, or Lakewood Ranch location.

Almost ALL wild animals can carry rabies — however for the Opossum, it is extremely- rare. Why is that? Because their body temperature is too low for the rabies virus to live.

Opossums are like the sanitation department of the wild. They are omnivores, and often will consume things that other animals leave behind and will not eat. Having them around is kind of like having a clean up crew!

Did you know that opossums are immune to the venom from all snakes? A venomous snake can not hurt an opossum, it just doesn’t affect them! What this means is that possibly in the future, scientists will discover an antibody – or anti-venom that can be injected into humans!

The slow moving Opossums are an attractant to ticks….  So what you may say? Well, those ticks cling to the fur and make a tasty snack to their host later on. Opossums find them delicious eating thousands of them each season. With Lyme disease becoming more and more prevalent, having opossums around can actually be of benefit to humans.  Opossums stay fastidiously clean, eating 95% of all the ticks off of their own bodies.

So, what do you think? Opossums are really not the “bad or the ugly guys” that many make them out to be!

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Opossum Removal Lakewood Ranch Sarasota
Virginia Opossum in Tree

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Blog [Health Risks of Having Opossums Close by]

There are health risks that you should be aware of after any wild animal has been taken from your home.

Opossum playing dead.
What Are The Health Risks Associated with Lakewood Ranch FL Opossums?

Never allow a Lakewood Ranch FL opossum or any other wild animal to remain on your business or residential property for long. Contact a licensed and insured opossum trapping company right away to prevent property damage and the spread of disease. Opossums are prodigious carriers of disease causing lice, fleas, ticks and parasites. These tiny varmints are always searching for convenient hosts, especially dogs, cats and even humans. Opossums often take up residence in attics, crawl spaces, sheds and under porches. They can even infect the soil in your yard or the soil beneath a home or business.

It isn’t hard to imagine how quickly an army of bugs can take over a home or business. The longer you wait to speak with a wildlife trapper Lakewood Ranch, the more it will cost to eliminate those pests. Most people believe that opossums are relatively harmless creatures, but a closer look reveals that opossums can actually spread a large number of dangerous diseases.

• Cutaneous Larva Migrans are commonly found in wild animal droppings. These nasty wormlike bugs like to burrow under the skin of pets and humans. They produce an infection that causes intense redness and eruptions of severe pain and itching.

• Tuberculosis is a potentially lethal respiratory disease caused by mycobacteria. Symptoms include fever, chronic cough, profuse sweating and weight loss.

• Rabies should always be a concern when it comes to nuisance wildlife. Rabies is a potentially fatal disease that requires immediate treatment.

• Tularemia produces severe symptoms such as fever, skin ulcers, swollen lymph glands, headaches, chills, vomiting, sore throat, diarrhea, respiratory ailments and exhaustion.

• Spotted Fever is a bacterial infection caused by tick bites. Symptoms include fever, chills, confusion, headaches, muscle pain, rash, diarrhea, hallucinations, vomiting and more.

• Toxoplasmosis is an infection introduced by parasites commonly found in animal droppings. Among the symptoms are headaches, enlarged lymph nodes, muscle pain, fever, seizures and blurred vision.

• Coccidiosis is a parasite found in animal droppings. The parasite can be transferred to humans through food or water. Common symptoms include fever, weight loss, diarrhea, abdominal pain and vomiting.

Contact a local opossum trapping professional the moment you notice a Lakewood Ranch opossum on your property. The health risks associated with wild animals are very real. Wildlife trapper Lakewood Ranch companies provide humane wild animal management services at an affordable price.


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