Buying a Home? Call today…

photo 2You’ve had your home inspection, drawn up the bids and contracts, and signed on the dotted line. You’re ready to move into your new home.

Except there’s one thing you’ve forgotten in the rush of details involving the biggest move of your life. You forgot the animal inspection!

That’s what happened to this unfortunate lady. Shortly after moving in, she noticed dropping and scratching sounds in her walls and attic. She immediately called us for our free animal inspection to find out what was going on.

Sure enough, there were rats in the house that had been there for years. This photo shows rat tracks in the dust of her attic. Apparently, the previous owner tried to cover up evidence of rats in the house, hoping she wouldn’t have a home inspection for animal problems. He did a little spot-painting and cleaning, and the trick was successful. She didn’t notice the problem until it was too late to make him pay for the cleanup.

Fortunately, this homeowner called us. We quickly identified what kind of rodent was causing the problem. We were able to find out where they were getting in, close up their points of entry and trap out the pesky critters, one by one. We also cleared out their nests and droppings, leaving her home clean and free of undesirable animals. She is now the happy owner of a rodent-free home, and wiser for the experience.

An animal inspection is a critical part of the general home inspection that comes before the sale. Our free animal inspection can save a lot of time and headaches for busy new homeowners. Call us today, and we’ll come right out!