Vegetation leads to rat infestation

rat-soffitVegetation leads to rat infestation

Getting rid of rats, mice and other rodents can be on ongoing problem, especially if you don’t know how they’re getting in.

Here’s an example of one of our recent rat removal jobs, so you can see what we mean. The customer had complained that rats outdoors had been a problem and that now they were getting into the house.

We came out to take a look, and immediately noticed that there were shrubs and other overgrown plantings right up against the house. As you can see, the plants were growing so close that they caused an opening in the soffit. The rodents were treating that opening like a door, coming and going easily, indoors and out.

Once we knew how they were getting in, rat trapping and rat removal could begin. First, we cleared the vegetation away from the house so the rats and mice wouldn’t have such an easy place to hide. Then, we closed the opening in the soffit so they wouldn’t be able to get in again. Finally, we set humane traps to catch the rodents that remained indoors, clearing out their nests and droppings as we went along.

Rat trapping and mouse removal should always be done by a professional who is properly trained and has the right equipment to do the job Rodent trapping and mouse removal can be hazardous to your health, especially if the infestation is large.

Getting rid of rats is particularly tricky, because they’re smart and resourceful animals. Many types of rodents can squeeze through tiny openings you wouldn’t expect or even notice. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your rodent problems quickly and safely.