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Bat Season in Florida

bats gathered on a porch in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.No, that doesn’t mean “bat hunters” will be out with shotguns at twilight, hunting the little winged rodents. Bat season is actually “bat maternity season” in Florida. It goes from April 15th to August 15th, and it is their breeding season. Bats are protected species in Florida because a good sized healthy colony can eat over a hundred pounds of flying (or biting) insects in a single night. Because of that, we (wildlife trappers) cannot legally molest or disturb bat colonies, even if they are in your attic.

However, bat season is just the opposite to us. That means that between August 15th and April 15th, we can come in and chase those bats out of your belfrey, with no harm done to them, and persuade them to reside somewhere else for the next breeding season.

So if you even suspect that bats are living in your attic, barn or garage, give us a call at 866-263-WILD for a FREE Inspection. Our expert technicians will quickly determine if you have a bat problem, and give you an estimate for safe removal.

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