Man Gives Armadillo a Drink from a Water Bottle [News Blog]

March 12 (UPI) — A Brazilian man who came face-to-face a thirsty armadillo offered the animal some water from his bottle and the encounter was caught on camera.

The video, recorded Thursday in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, shows the man pouring water out of a bottle as the armadillo thirstily laps it up.

The filmer said the man offered the armadillo some water because it appeared to be thirsty.

“I was expecting a friend to come work and when he arrived, he saw an armadillo and grabbed a bottle of water to give to the animal,” the filmer wrote.

Armadillos are considered living dinosaurs, that are left remaining from previous eras, and the only mammals on the earth that have their own built-in suit of armor.


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