Apollo Beach, FL Armadillo Trapping and Removal Service

Apollo Beach, FL Armadillo Removal and Relocation Services

If you reside in the area, you probably know a few things about Apollo Beach, Florida armadillos and how they dig and dig to find food. Most residents think of armadillos as big time pests, especially the home and business owners who have invested time and money in landscaping. A licensed removal and control company can trap and relocate that troublesome armadillo so that you can take pride in your flower garden again.
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There’s no doubt about it, trapping an armadillo is a tricky business. It takes a professional armadillo removal and trapping specialist to outsmart a pesky armadillo. Call an experienced wild animal removal professional today to have an armadillo removed from your yard or landscaping. The armadillo will be humanely relocated to a new home with plenty of Florida dirt to dig up. Wildlife management companies offer free onsite inspections and affordable prices.

Apollo Beach, FL Opossum on the Half Shell

It’s a strange nickname, but some folks refer to armadillos as an opossum on the half shell. Nine banded armadillos do look a little strange. They have all that prehistoric looking armor, everything but the belly, and it’s just amazing how they can plow through all that soil in search of food. The shell of an armadillo is flexible, bony plates, making them one of the most unusual mammals in all of nature.

There are actually 20 different armadillo species. The various armadillo species have either three, six or nine bands of boney plated armor segments. The particular species that lives in North America Manatee and Sarasota County, FL is the nine-banded armadillo. The peculiar bands of boney plates make it possible for an armadillo to dig with agility and surprising speed. Another unusual fact about our armadillos is that female armadillos give birth to no less than four identical armadillo babies, affectionately known as dillos, during the month of March. Those little dillos take about one year to fully develop. A mature armadillo weighs somewhere in the vicinity of 12 pounds.

The armadillo eats small invertebrates like worms, grubs, cockroaches, mole crickets, termites, beetle larvae, yellow jackets, army worms, grasshoppers, wasps, ant larvae and plenty of flies. Armadillos rely on their pig-like snout and peg-like teeth to dig in your yard or garden.

Believe it or not, just one armadillo can eat around 200 pounds of bugs in only a year. That means that they have to do a whole bunch of digging to fill their bellies in your landscaped home or business.  Armadillos are particularly good at digging, burrowing and tunneling. They love that organic mulch that you buy at the gardening store. Armadillos just love to dig in your soil.

Pesky Armadillos

Armadillos get along fine in the wild, but they quickly turn into pests when they start digging up flower gardens, manicured lawns and vegetable patches. Armadillos leave mounds of plowed dirt wherever they go, so you’ll have a pretty good idea when you’ve been visited by a pesky armadillo.  Armadillos do their business at night, so you always get the good news in the morning.

•Large tunnel under the house
•Dug up yard
• Burrowing under structures
•Burrowing in mulch bed
• Uprooted  landscaping
• Cracked concrete
•  Pipes sinking due to burrowing
• Hole dug in yard
• Tunnel in yard
•Armadillo causing pets to be alarmed

Removing and Relocating an Armadillo

It isn’t easy to trap an armadillo. There’s no special bait that will entice an armadillo to enter a trap. You have to search for clues and place the trap in just the right location. That’s the way that a professional animal removal and relocation specialist guides an armadillo into a waiting trap. It takes a lot of expertise to trap an armadillo. Only then can an armadillo be relocated to a nice spot in the wild.

Speak with a wildlife removal professional today to have armadillo removed and relocated. Only a professional armadillo trapper has the expertise to humanely remove an armadillo so that you can get on with your gardening.

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